We use the suitable therapies to cure on the basis of examining a pulse and irydological diagnosis:

  • rachialgia, discopathy, paralysis, sciatic neuralgia, nuchal rigidity
  • circulation diseases, hypertension, stress, insomnia neurosis, depression
  • headache, migraine, thyroid
  • alimentary system, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, hemorrhoid
  • pleuropneumonia, cold, asthma, bronchi
  • dermatopathy (skin disease) and allergy
  • nephropathy, urinary tract, perineal prostatectomy, nephrolithiasis, children nycturia
  • female diseases
  • hepatopathy and cholecyst, diabetes
  • alcohol addiction, smoking
  • slimming with acupuncture and adjunct therapies

Good advice

Even theoretically healthy people should be unblocked once a year. Blockage of energetic canals is a reason for serious disease of backbone. Don’t tempt yourself to ease your pain with medicines. Before you take unsuitabler tablets, come to us for health – the most important gift given to man.