Tibetan Medicine Surgery is run by Mrs Sanjkhuu Ulambayar and Mr Ishtseden Tserenkhu.They come from Mongolia where they have made the intimate medical grade.
Then they were increased their knowledge in the ins and outs of Tibetan medicine in Tibet. Nowadays they have been working join these two sources of medicine knowledge. They have expected qualifications to use the acupuncture. Their surgery is located in Lodz.

Sanjkhuu Ulambayar

Doctor Sanjkhuu Ulambayar is neurologist with more than 20 years experience. Thanks to her proven knowledge and many years of practice, she is able to find and awake points in human body.

Isheden Tserenkhuu

Ishtseden Tserenkhu mastered shiatsu massage. By massaging and additional therapies like: mox, chinese cups or acupressure, he helps patients to recover. Especially those with back ache.