Our main aim is to find and treat root causes of illness, not only to relieve them.
Doctor Sanjkhuu Ulambayar does irydological treatment to check the state of patient organism, first she treats eye’s iris then she measures the pulse. All to find the best kind of therapy suitable for the particular patient.

Iridological treatment

Iris checking

Iridology allows patient’s health evaluation on the basis of the iris. It reflects the condition of internal organs. Every organ has its own place on an iris. An iridology specialist is able to determine patient’s problem and previous illnesses. An eye can tell of patient’s potential inherited illnesses as well. With the help of the diagnosis physical soundness is defined and a suitable therapy applied in time.
One can also have computer eye examination.

Pulse checking

Pulse checking on both wrists

It is a basic method for diagnosis used by far east specialists. According to eastern philosophy every disease is a sign of energetic disorder. That is why most of the injuries can be diagnosed by checking patient’s pulse. This can take only few minutes. Doctor takes patient’s wrist and feels blood pressure. On each wrist one can feel twelve pulses, three when pressing softly and three with deep pressing.