Patients feedback

I came with chronic back pain. During my first visit I was diagnosed so accurately by the doctor that I knew I found a good specialist. He just used his hands, pressing and feeling points on my body. Since that time, over next eight visits I went through doctor used acupressure, bubbles plus herbal drinks on top. All my sufferings are gone now. I am absolutely positive that doctor’s therapies’ are efficient as they focus on the whole patient not only particular illness.

Włodzisław Kuzitowicz

I’m deeply indebted to the doctor for his help, patience and golden heart. I came in coincidentally ( circa 2 years ago) and I am really glad I’ve decided to undertake “magical massages” of the doctor.

patient Kasia

Thank you very much for your assistance and sympathetic attitude. I am greatly surprised with doctor’s successful therapies. I came with no hope for recovery. However, week after week it was getting better and now I’m happy to have very strong immune system, Back pain is nearly gone and I can enjoy my life like before. It’s hard to express my gratitude to the doctor for all he has done.
Let me thank you one more time and recommend to others!

Joanna Zawisza

I’m 24 years old. I’ve been struggling with my iris nerves for three years now. I was told it may be multiple sclerosis. Later it was diagnosed I was bit by tick which I really cant recollect. When released from the hospital I came to the doctor’s office in a gloomy mood, worn out and seeing double while looking to the right. Careful examination of my pupil and pulse rate doctor correctly diagnosed my menstrual colic and excluded multiple sclerosis giving hope for recovery. Problems with my seeing was gone just after few sessions and herbal drinks. Menstrual colic weakened greatly diminished. Constant feeling of tiredness disappeared because blockage of the blood flow to the brain was released. Moreover, you rarely feel being cared for and doctors in here do want to help you by all means. Superb atmosphere.

Agnieszka Barańska

I was diagnosed with Achilles joint inflammation and told to use various creams etc which did not work in the end. My sister said something about this place. I was in disbelief for this type of care as I have visited plenty of different specialists and each of them said something different. On the first visit, however, it was discovered that the nerves in the right leg are damaged, due to improper way of plaster fixation for three times. The treatment started with acupuncture and regular daily massages. Just after few days I felt better less and less pain in my leg. Eventually, it has fully recovered. I feel great having Ulambajer looking after me. They are very polite and you love to come for therapy. You can always talk with them and they really care for patients (opposite to Polish doctors). For instance when I caught cold they cold my house to check with me. I’m thank very much.

Filip Dylik

In august 2000 I suffered from back pain and was not able to work so I came for a visit. As a result of Ulambajer`s therapy I am ok to walk again, I can sleep normally and all in all I feel excellent now. I managed to get my husband interested and he came for treatment as well. He also experienced back problems, he couldn’t freely walk because of the pain. Again after doctor’s treatment he can easily walk, lie, turn over etc. No pain whatsoever. We are both pleased with the therapy and deeply indebted to the doctor. The atmosphere in here helps to feel better.