Main therapies



Acupuncture is recognized and approved by (WHO) to be an effective method in treatment of various chronic illnesses. The main aim is to restore proper balance of organism by inserting pre-defined points on a human body by disposable needles. A surface of any body is covered with energetic lines called meridians. These points, on the lines mentioned above, are connected with specific internal organs.
Increasing or decreasing activity of the points stimulates organs’ work. There are above 200,000 points on a man’s body. Acupuncture helps in treatment of: migraine, neurosis, asthma, thyroid, injuries after paralises, nycturia and kid’s allergy. Acupuncture is a very effective method to loose weight and fight addictions.
Only qualified doctors are allowed to use acupuncture. Mrs. Sanjkhuu Ulambayar and Mr. Ishtseden Tserenkhuu posses proper qualifications.

Shiatsu massage

shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage restores energetic balance and relaxes a body. It’s helpful in stress and depression cure.
It’s also effective in treatment of: sciatic neuralgia, frozen shoulder, muscular contracture and other chronic spine diseases. It loosens up stretched muscles, thighs, calves and feet, moreover it reduces stiffness of a spine and neck.
Shiatsu massage, once considered a luxury, nowadays is thought to be effective resolvent in case of contusions, it increases immunity and improves concentration.

Additional therapies

Chinese cups

Chinese cups

This kind of therapy is helpful in the treatment of: colds, influenza, bronchitis, neuritis, motion sickness.
The procedure has a positive effect not only on infected parts of a body, but also the whole organism. It awakes energy flow in meridians, located around human body. Chinese cups are used to stimulate an immune system.

Mox therapy

smouldering mox

This cigar-like candle is burned over a skin on acupuncture points. It helps curing sciatic neuralgia, spine, knee and ankle diseases. Mox is successful in fighting cysts and cystoureteritis. Thanks to that therapy we can alleviate hallux.



Acupressure involves placing physical pressure by hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices on different acupuncture points on the surface of the body. It has a positive effect on physical health by balancing yin and yang forces. We reduce pain in specific points on a body and lots of patents forgot about their persistent headaches, hurting kidneys and sciatic neuralgia.

Ayurveda massage

pot with hot oil

It helps to relax muscles of the whole body. Hot oil made of various Indian plants is used for this type of massage. It stimulates circulation and helps to release stress.



Every patients is diagnosed and proper therapy is assigned (type and quantity of procedures). Herbs imported from Dalajlama’s Academy in Dharamsala (India, Mongolia, Tybet, China and Korea) are effective complement to any applied therapy. These herbs stimulate wide scope of illnesses and injuries. Some of them have more than 160 ingredients.


Fango is a treatment used for sciatic neuralgia among the other sufferings.

Low voltage therapy

This method proves to be successful in the treatment of paresis, getting numb of hands and legs. We are far from using it with patients that past hear attack or suffer from overpressure.

Ear candelling

With help of this method we are successful in fighting noises and ringing in ears, we ease irritation of ears and nasal sinuses, we regulate pressure at the migraine, lacunar inflammation and rhinitis.
We stabilize blood pressure when continuous headache is present. Therapy, with its calming effect is recommended for stressed clients suffering from insomnia.